Change of plans (November 2008)

It is said that a sailors plans are as they were written in sand -washed away by the next tide. Below you can see the route we had in mind when leaving home. However, by the time we got across the Pacific ocean, we'd decided to go to Australia instead of New Zealand. Also, we've now preparing for a route through the Red Sea, leaving South Africa for another trip. From Australia, our route back to Norway would be close to this:

Indonesia (September-November), Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand (November-January), Indian Ocean (January-february), Red sea (March-April), Mediterranean (May-June), Spain and Portugal (July), Bay of Biscay and Northern Europe (August-September).

At t his time it is still undecided where we'll go from Thailand. we have choices to stop at Andaman Islands, Sri Lanka, India and at the Maldives when crossing the Indian ocean. We may also stop in Oman before entering the pirate-infested waters of Gulf of Aden. The situation there is worrying and we are monitoring the situation closely.

Also we have not made up our mind about which way to choose going from Spain and further north. The English channel seems a natural choice, but we really fell in love with Ireland and Scotland on our way south, and may go for this option.


Tentative cruising route S/Y Silene 2006-2009

Bergen , Norway will be left for Scotland and the Caledonian Canal early in July 2006.In summer, optimum conditions can be expected in the North Sea and across the Bay of Biscay. By sailing through the Caledonian Canal and continue along the coast of Scotland/Great Britain and Ireland we will avoid the danger of sailing in highly trafficated area of English Channel. Gibraltar area will be left in October on our way to the Canaries. Atlantic crossing (Gran Canaria – St. Lucia) are planned as participants in the ARC 2006 (departure: mid November).

The Panama Canal will be transited in March (at the latest) to arrive in the Marquesas before the end of April. Following three months will be spent in French Polynesia. Leaving the Society Island before the end of July will make it possible for us to spend some time in all the island groups en route to Fiji.

The cyclone season (late November - March) will be spent in New Zealand which is outside the cyclone belt. The passage from Fiji to New Zealand must therefore be made (at the latest) in the first part of November.

Departure from New Zealand can be made early in April heading for Torres Strait and Indian Ocean. Alternatively we will sail across the Tasman sea from New Zealand to Australia in March, and then sail up the east coast of Australia towards the Torres Strait. Further, Mauritius and the tip of Africa will be visited. From South Africa we plan to sail to the Azores (directly or via Brazil, if time).